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Old Village Landscaper has been creating innovative landscape design, construction and renovation for many businesses and residents in Southeastern Michigan since 1989. Whether you are looking to create a new landscape or improve your present landscape for entertaining, relaxation or curb appeal - landscape projects are an investment in your home or business! Please contact Old Village Landscaper at 734-453-4607 or email us at ovlandscaper@sbcglobal.net for proven landscaping services.

Old Village Landscaper has designed and implemented many large projects that included clearing property, providing drainage, installing barbecues, fireplaces and outdoor lighting using gas and electrical resources. We have built complex retaining walls, steps, ponds and waterfalls that have stopped erosion and created functional access. Old Village Landscaper offers a variety of services that will improve the look and functionality of your property. Please contact our landscape architect Mike at 734-260-5150 directly to create a design to match your vision!

Old Village Landscaper has installed numerous walkways, patios, pool decks using custom brick pavers. We have designed and implemented a multitude of diverse landscape gardens using a variety of mulch and stone for different looks. We would be glad to show you samples of custom brick pavers, mulch and stone – and please visit our supplier websites below to discover the multitude of varieties offered.

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Old Village Landscaper has built, renovated and helped others with specialized custom Labyrinths. These complex structures consist of a maze of intricate interconnecting brick work typically in a circular manner involving many stone cuts and placement. Please click on the picture for a larger view of these historical religious structures.

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