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Old Village Landscaper has been a family owned business since 1989. Dan Schacht (owner) is a Michigan Certified Nurseryman and has a staff of hard working local residents. Dan will ensure that you will get a top quality professional job done in a timely manner. Please contact Old Village Landscaper at 734-453-4607 or email us at ovlandscaper@sbcglobal.net.

We take pride in our work and have worked with many businesses and residents in Southeastern Michigan creating innovative landscape design, construction and renovation. Many commercial businesses utilize our landscaping services as well as our snow removal services. Many residents have used our services for decades to insure proper and timely spring cleanups, fall clean-ups and snow removal. The City of Plymouth has contracted with Old Village Landscaping since 2004 for outdoor gardening services, spring cleanups, fall cleanups and snow removal. We strive to exceed your expectations and most of our customers have been using our services for years and recommend us to their neighbors.

Mike Wasserman is our Landscape Architect (Purdue University) with many years of experience working with both new landscape design as well as landscape renovation. Please contact Mike at 734-260-5150 or email Mike at ovlandscaper@sbcglobal.net. Mike will help you put your thoughts on paper and ensure that your design matches your vision.

Old Village Landscaper Specializes In:
     • Landscape Construction
     • Landscape Renovation
     • Walkways
     • Mulch and Stone
     • Custom Brick Pavers
     • Patios
     • Outdoor Fireplaces
     • Retaining Walls & Steps
     • Outdoor Lighting
     • Pond and Waterfalls
     • Drainage
     • Pruning & Tree Removal
     • Spring Cleanups
     • Fall Cleanups
     • Snow Removal
     • Labyrinths

Landscape Renovation
Yard Enhancements
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