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Old Village Landscaper has been providing businesses and residents in Southeastern Michigan with Spring Cleanups and Fall Cleanups since 1989. We also do Shrub and Tree Pruning Removal. Please contact Old Village Landscaper at 734-453-4607 or email us at ovlandscaper@sbcglobal.net for our services.

Spring Cleanup Service
Our spring cleanup service includes removing all leaves, branches and other debris that has accumulated during the winter season and hauling it off your property. After many harsh Michigan winters, it is important to remove this debris so that fresh air can revitalize your plants. Many customers replenish their mulch and/or stone during the Spring Cleanup.

Fall Cleanup Service
Our fall cleanup service includes removing all leaves, branches and other debris that have accumulated over the summer season throughout your property and landscape beds and hauling it off your property. We can try to minimize the amount of fungal material that may survive winter by removing debris prior to winter. We can also winterize any delicate plants you may have on your property to help them survive the cold Michigan winters.

Shrub / Tree Pruning and Removal
Old Village Landscaper does shrub and tree pruning to improve the appearance, health and safety of your landscape. We also do shrub and tree removal which is important for diseased, dangerous or dead trees. We work with insurance companies if your tree work is related to storm damage.

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